Do Tooth Decay Remedies Work?

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A toothache is a kind of pain that quite simply prevents you from functioning properly. There’s no ignoring it no matter how hard you try. Most of the time, it’s just a dull sort of pain, but over the long term, it intensifies and makes you feel like you’re just one big ball of pain. So do tooth decay remedies work? 

What Experts Say About Tooth Decay Remedies

Dr. Burhoop agrees with Dr. Ben Kacos, a respected Dentist in Shreveport, about brushing your teeth always helps, especially if there’s an infection. You want to get rid of bacteria that may aggravate the pain. Rinsing with saline solution or salted water can also contribute to a certain degree in preventing the proliferation of mouth bacteria.  However, these solutions can only offer minimal relief, if any at all.


Popular Tooth Remedies

Well-meaning family members and friends may recommend using herbal remedies with ingredients you already have at home. Mixing clove powder with a bit of oil is believed to numb the pain. Some even suggest trying the homeopathic remedy of placing crushed garlic around the affected area. Garlic works like an antibiotic and can inhibit the proliferation of bacteria.


All of these can only provide temporary relief because they do not get to the root of the problem. Toothaches are commonly caused by tooth decay and some other form of damage that has resulted in an infection, says Dr. Burhoop, a Sioux city dentist. To get rid of the pain, getting to the root of the problem is a must.

Do Tooth Decay Remedies Work to Beat a toothache?

So, do tooth decay remedies work to beat toothaches — remedies that you can source from your pantry? Not really. Most home remedies are only applied topically. Therefore, they can’t penetrate deep enough to impact the source of the problem. Also, the best home remedies can only numb the pain, not actually banish it. If you want a longer lasting effect, you will need to reapply, which is the case with clove oil, vanilla extract, or a frozen peppermint tea bag.


A More Effective Solution For a Toothache 

If you want to be free from your toothache, set up a quick appointment with Dr. Burhoop. This is the smartest and most effective thing you can do. You’ll be prescribed the right medications to treat the infection and alleviate the pain.


The eradication of the infection and pain is the preparatory step to the actual treatment, which can be a root canal, a filling, or a tooth extraction. The treatment will depend on Dr. Burhoop’s findings after a check-up, which will most likely include an X-ray. The X-ray will reveal the extent of damage and provide Dr. Burhoop with a solid idea of which treatment would be most appropriate.


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