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Toothpaste is one of those items used every day that is easily taken for granted. Because it is quite cheap, readily available, and usually just confined to the bathroom, most people really don’t give it much thought — until it runs out and funky breath automatically becomes a clear risk in the household, that is. Toothpaste is actually quite an interesting product, and if you’re not aware why, here is some fun toothpaste facts form Dr. Burhoop, a Sioux city dentist, to enlighten you.

Fun Toothpaste History

The earliest toothpaste was made in ancient Egypt. Its ingredients were crushed pepper, rock salt (still a great substitute for regular toothpaste), and dried flowers. It wasn’t particularly effective, but ancient folks used it anyway, despite the pepper getting stuck between their teeth and their gums bleeding.

The fresh-smelling and fresh-feeling minty toothpaste was first formulated in China. The ingenious Chinese combined mint and ginseng.

Toothpaste became mainstream in the 1800s when it started popping up in Europe and the US. The formula then made use of soap and chalk.

In 1860, a rather dangerous toothpaste formula came out in the UK. It contained Betelnut, which is a stimulant similar to caffeine and can have negative side effects on pregnant women and the child they are carrying. Betelnut was used to fight bad breath. The life of unborn babies was more important than halitosis, so distributing toothpastes with Betel nut was discontinued not long after the release.

Original Toothpaste

Colgate toothpaste was originally sold in a jar.

Squeezable tubes for toothpaste didn’t come around until two decades after Colgate began selling jars of toothpaste.

Fluoride debuted in toothpaste back in 1914. It caused quite a controversy so toothpaste with fluoride wasn’t particularly popular back then, despite the established benefit of strengthening teeth and preventing tooth decay.

Toothpaste Trends

People with sensitive skin tend to get rashes around the mouth from the fluoride content of toothpaste. So, don’t let toothpaste foam froth around your mouth.

Tooth powder, which was sold throughout the 19th century, was actually more popular than toothpaste until after the turn of the century. It’s still available in India.

Toothpaste inspired the food for astronauts.

Bonus factoid: Toothpaste offers a variety of uses other than keeping your teeth pearly white and your breath fresh. For a lot of people, the drying effect of toothpaste is perfect for drying up zits. It’s also effective in treating the itch from insect bites. What’s more, ask silver jewelers how to clean gunky silver jewelry and they’ll tell you a bit of any toothpaste will do.

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