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ICOI Diplomate Dr. Craig Burhoop

Dr. Craig Burhoop was honored recently at the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI) convention in Las Vegas, Nevada with both Fellowship and Diplomate awards.

At the ICOI Congress, over 40 countries were represented, more than 200 people were honored, and Dr. Burhoop was one of only about 40 people who achieved their top-ranking Diplomate status in Implantology.

In preparation for this honor, Dr. Burhoop studied with the Misch International Implant Institute, completing over 90 hours of continuing education under the direction of Dr. Randolph Resnik, who worked with Dr. Carl Misch, the founder of dental implantology.  He also went through hands-on training in Phoenix, Arizona, placing implants on veterans and other under-served people. In addition, Dr. Burhoop took written and oral exams, reviewed multiple cases with leaders in the field of dental implantology, and presented one of his own cases at an ICOI meeting.

So much of his motivation for doing this was because he saw that many of his patients needed dental implants and he wanted to make that option more readily available to them.  He cares so much about the quality care they receive. Thank you to Dr. Burhoop for being a shining example of what we strive to do every day at Lakeport Dental Care…listen first, then deliver excellence with comfort!


Dr. Burhoop with a few of his Misch Institute classmates

Dr. Craig Burhoop-Lakeport Dental Care

Dr. Craig Burhoop with Misch Institute Instructor Dr. Randy Resnik

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