Are Dental X-Rays Safe?

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Getting an X-ray is required for various dental treatments. This part of the process provides dentists a clearer idea of a patient’s oral condition.

However, some people are concerned about the safety of X-rays because of the radiation emitted by the equipment. They worry that exposure to the radiation may cause cell mutations that could lead to cancer.

So, are dental X-rays safe or should you do without them because of the supposed risk?

According to Dr. Burhoop, a Sioux city dentist, dental X-rays are actually pretty safe – even for young children who are more sensitive to radiation. This is because the amount of radiation used for dental X-rays is minimal.


It’s important to point out as well that Dr. s follow a procedure for safety when performing an X-ray on a patient. This is the safety protocol for dental X-rays:


  • The X-ray machine is always set to the lowest radiation setting.
  • Only one image is taken.
  • An X-ray is carried out only when absolutely necessary.
  • A thyroid shield should be used to protect the neck.
  • For adults, there’s an interval of two to three years for dental X-rays.
  • A patient’s current health condition is taken into consideration to determine eligibility for a dental X-ray. Pregnant women and those who are being treated for chronic illnesses are automatically ineligible for the procedure.


As long as dental professionals follow the safety protocol, risks associated with exposure to radiation are diminished. Therefore, there’s no need to worry much about the potential of getting cancer from getting X-rayed at Dr. Burhoop’s office.


It’s worth noting too that there are now safer forms of dental X-rays. The advancements in dental technology have produced better kinds of X-ray equipment that have lower radiation. Likewise, they take better or more accurate dental images for Dr. Burhoop to work with.


Remember, health maintenance requires proper education. If there’s anything that you don’t understand regarding any procedure that you’ll be undergoing, do not be afraid to ask questions. Dr. Burhoop is a responsible dental professional, he’ll have no issue with answering queries.


Additionally, do not be afraid to exercise your right to say no. If you don’t deem a dental procedure absolutely necessary or if you have your own values to protect, Dr. Burhoop will respect your decision.


Most importantly, do your part in ensuring your oral health. If you’re free from dental woes such as cavities or infection, Dr. Burhoop won’t have to perform an X-ray on you. Learn more about our dental services

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